Other Sculptors

Brian Arthur, Chris Barela and Jose Munoz

Marine, Bird, Cat and Dog bronzes are also produced in The Frogman Foundry – in the same way as the frogs – and have been created by different artists… Brian Arthur, Chrsi Barela and Jose Munoz. These amazing limited edition sculptures are stunningly different in vibrant colours and exquisite craftsmanship. Each is signed by the artist and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Brian Arthur Bird, Dog & Marine Bronzes

Artistic mastery, structural perfection and reverence for our vanishing natural world are the hallmarks of noted British sculptor Brian Arthur.

After completing his studies at Southport College of Arts, Brian pursued his career at the Burslem School of Design in Staffordshire England, where he spent two years before joining the Rawnsley Atelier in Chelsea London.

There he worked on hand thrown sculptures and ornamental designs. When this prestigious studio opened a branch in the Bahamas, Brian was selected to assist other local craftsmen and artists produce sculpture and pottery which was shown in the gallery and viewed by collectors and visitors from around the world.

Brian spent several months in France and Italy before he was invited to America by sculptor Felix DeWeldon to help him work on several major commemorative public sculptures, including the Iwo Jima and Harry S. Truman monuments. Brian’s work is shown in galleries throughout the world.

Whether gracefully fluid in motion or magnificently majestic in repose, his sculptures of marine life and birds serve as inspiring reminders of the living art that exists all around us. These sculptures are beautifully enhanced by the subtle patinas of browns, silvers, greens and ebonies. Embellished with high polished accents.

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Brian’s Lobster and Crab sculptures are sold in Support of The National Lobster Hatchery in Padstow 

Chris Barela Octupus & Turtle Bronzes

Marine Artist ~ Photographer ~ Sculptor

Chris Barela spent his formative years surfing in OrangeCounty in Southern California.  Having achieved great success in the world of competitive professional surfing, Chris moved his home and studio to the big island of Hawaii.

Chris’ first-hand observation of the marine life near his home enables him to sculpt magnificent undersea creatures- from the tiniest seahorse to muscular game fish, such as Marlin.

Through careful study and documentation, Chris brings life to his favored subjects using the ancient method of lost wax casting.

Of particular interest to Chris, are the charming turtles that he often sees from his surfboard. The wisdom and playful demeanor of these sage elder statesmen who reside beneath the waves provide Chris with endless subject matter for his artwork.

“Each turtle has a unique personality; the way they cruise around at a leisurely pace is a reminder to us humans to slow down and enjoy life.”

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Jose Munoz Hummingbird Sculptures Jose Munoz creates vibrant limited edition bronze sculptures of hummingbirds. His interest in sculpting began as a young boy, when he would use the extra money he earnt from his mother’s baking to sculpt.  He followed his passion for art while subsequently working at a fine art foundry, where he continued to learn and hone his artistic skills.

Jose was inspired while working with many talented, renowned artists.  “I love the feelings of freedom and joy that I get during the process and completion of my Hummingbird sculptures.”

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