Welcome to Bronze Frogs, the online store of The Stani Art Company Limited, which includes the complete stock of Frog, Marine, Birds, Geckos, Koi, Dogs and other sculptures produced by the Frogman Foundry and available to see in our galleries.

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We are an Authorised Representative and Platinum Gallery for The Frogman Tim Cotterill who creates stunning limited edition bronze frog sculptures. Priced from £ 143 upwards and from a few inches in size, these beautifully hand crafted sculptures with a jewel-like patina are highly sought after by collectors and are a unique talking point for any home.

We would encourage you to visit our galleries to appreciate the vibrancy and craftsmanship of these individual bronze sculptures. If that is not possible, you can purchase all the bronze sculptures shown in the store Sculptures Available with Delivery direct to you in 2 days ( Monday to Friday ) within the UK and Ireland.

NOTE : The majority of sculptures in the store are available for immediate delivery. Those marked “Available within 3 weeks” or similar will either be arriving with our next regular shipment from the Frogman or can be ordered for delivery within that timescale.  Please do not hesitate to Contact Us for an update on any particular sculpture as we re-fresh our stock regularly. 

You can also see the complete range of bronze frogs available – categorised by colour and price – in Sculptures Available as well as the other bronze Marine, Birds, Dogs, Geckos and Koi available.

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Thank you very much for visiting us.

Susi & Roger Whittaker
Bronze Frogs from The Stani Art Company Limited

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